1 year later…

Well, I have no eloquent way to begin this post, to be honest. I haven’t blogged in almost a year and a lot has happened since I last sat down to write a post. A LOT. I’m going to start posting more regularly again but before I do, I wanted to give a brief (we will see how brief, lol) “life update.” I am annoyed with myself for posting two life updates back-to-back a year apart from each other, but here we go!

When I last posted, I had just gone through a pretty severe career change and it took a huge emotional toll on me. I had been working at a job for four years. I loved my job so, so much. I gave my all to the people I worked with and I poured my heart and soul into it. This was so much more than a job to me. Without giving away too much information, and to make a very long and complicated story short, there was an opportunity offered to me to take on a larger role at this job. Through taking on this role, many unexpected things unfolded. The details of what happened aren’t things I’m comfortable talking about but I will say that I was thrown through a loop both emotionally and mentally as a result. I felt it strongly in my heart that God was telling me to leave that job because He had other plans for me. Hearing that so clearly wasn’t something I had expected, but I chose to follow God’s call despite my own reservations (well, after weeks of trying to ignore what He was telling me, that is). I imagined working there forever and I never expected some of the things that ended up happening to occur. I never thought I’d end up in the situation I was in last summer. But there I was. And I was left to trust God with the plans he had for me and not rely on my own understanding. So that’s what I did. *Spoiler alert – He never disappoints.* I picked up more hours at my “day job” – a job that I am very grateful for with a boss who loves and respects me and whom I adore – and decided to work just one job for the first time in my life and maybe, you know, pick up some hobbies and hang out with friends for once like “normal people.”

But that didn’t exactly end up happening because shortly after that huge career change, my husband and I found out I was pregnant! The timing couldn’t have been any more perfect. The moment I found out I was expecting, I knew it was divine intervention and I was so thankful that I had listened to God’s call to leave my job and wait for His plans to unfold. (I’m not going to go too in depth about my pregnancy here because I have lots of posts planned dedicated solely to my pregnancy and I don’t want to spoil the fun!)

As if preparing for a baby hadn’t created a long enough to-do list, we found out on Halloween that we needed to find a new place to live because of some damage to the apartment we had been living in. This caused a a lot of stress (mostly because I was a hormonal disaster), but we were excited for a fresh start in a new place with the new addition to our family on his way! So at 15 weeks pregnant, we packed up all of our belongings and moved into a new apartment. Boy, was it stressful! But we did it! And we couldn’t have done any of it without the help of our family and friends, especially since my mom wouldn’t let me lift anything… not even an empty backpack or a couple rolls of toilet paper. (She had only the best intentions and I love her for it.)

The winter was filled with a trip to Florida for Christmas with my family, lots of baby prep, and lots of Netflix.

Spring came and we were so excited to meet our little guy in May. We had a wonderful baby shower thrown by my amazing mom and sisters and our babe was spoiled silly before he was even born! I was due on Mother’s Day, so I had hoped I would have my baby on that day. But Mother’s Day came and went, and no baby. But he arrived two days later! (More on that later.) We were in awe of him from the moment we saw his tiny little self.

And WOW, does everything before that day just feel like an entire lifetime ago! Becoming a mom has been the most fulfilling experience of my life. I truly feel like my life began the moment my son was born. This is what I was made for, and here I am doing it. It’s still crazy to think of myself as a mom 4 months into the gig, but I love it and I love my son so ridiculously much and I just can’t imagine myself doing anything else with my life. My wonderful boss has let me transition to working from home, so I work part-time and still get to watch every move my little guy makes. I’m so, so, so thankful and blessed that I don’t have to miss a thing.

So… that’s my update! There were a lot of other little things in between all those big things, but you get the idea. I have lots to share on my experience and struggles throughout pregnancy and as a new mom, so hopefully that’s something that will interest you! If so, check back here soon for some #emo posts and some fun ones too!